Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi: Frequently asked questions

Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi: Frequently asked questions

In the world of electronics, there are tons of different things to consider. We understand how difficult it can be for our customers to understand electrical work, but that’s why we are here! Before booking an appointment with us, take a look at the frequently asked questions we get on our website and email: 

What do I consider when installing fans and bulbs at home?
In terms of installing furnishings like fans or light bulbs, these are relatively easy. When you buy new bulbs or fans, some instructions come with them to help you with installation. If you bought it with a package for delivery, someone will likely assist you. 

Before buying any additional furnishings, make sure that it fits and is a good match with the wiring at your home. This will make the installation easier and safer. So, familiarize yourself with the sockets and wiring in your house before buying new fans or bulbs. 

Can I handle basic electric work on my own?
This is a common question that we get here in our company. The answer varies depending on the amount of experience you have with electrical work. For those who consider themselves handymen, then they may know how to do basic wiring and installation. 

However, it’s safer to leave things to the professionals and call for an electrician if you have any doubts. Remember that electricians spend years of study and experience, so their knowledge about your problem will be more helpful. 

How do your appointments work?
To book appointments with Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi, simply visit our homepage or give us a call! You can send a message that includes your contact information, address, and your concerns. If these are urgent, we will be sure to have someone come by within the day. For minor concerns and repairs, we will be sure to deploy an available electrician within a day or two. 

How is the billing calculated?
Our billing is calculated based on the equipment needed, resources used, and labour. Before we make any changes or perform repairs, the electricians will provide an estimate of the billing. When they have your go signal, they will then continue with the repairs. 

When should I have an electrical inspection?
If you have been living in your home for a long time, having an electrical inspection once a year will be enough. You should also consider having an inspection if you’re planning to buy or sell a house so that the safety of those living in the space will be guaranteed. After storms or other natural calamities, calling your electrician to do an inspection is also recommended.