Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi: Different electrical services we offer

Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi: Different electrical services we offer

Welcome to Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi! Knowing the electrical problems you’re dealing with and the services you need can help us determine the best electricians we can send to help you. Find out the electrical services we offer before making an appointment with us.

Electrical machine repair

If you need help with broken compressors, transformers, pumps, fans or other electrical machines, we have several highly-trained specialist technicians ready to serve you. 

You can either bring your equipment to our site or you can book an appointment with one of our professionals. They are also skilled in dismantling and fixing heavy pieces of machinery and other electrotechnology components.

Security services

Want to improve the security systems of your premises? Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi provides reliable security solutions to commercial, industrial and residential areas.

CCTV cameras

Our technicians are experienced in handling different kinds of security cameras such as high-speed domes and fixed cameras. These security systems are specially designed to protect your premises from external threats including theft, trespassing, vandalism and claims of personal injury. 

You can choose the type of camera you would want to be fixed on your building, as well as the perfect location for the camera. 

Wired alarms

If you want maximum security around your premises, you can avail of our wired alarms services. These alarms will be connected to your CCTV cameras. Once the cameras detect unusual and suspicious activities on your premises, you will be alerted immediately through the wired alarm system. 

We make sure that the wires and cables of this system are well-arranged and covered with safe materials to prevent chafing of wires and other faulty wirings.

Wireless alarms

We offer wireless alarm services for those who do not want to deal with numerous wires and cables in the building. Aside from giving your walls a clean and organised look, this wireless alarm system offers a more stable and efficient performance. 

All pieces of equipment are operated by high-quality batteries. These are more sensitive to motions and sounds, keeping you notified if there are threats in the area.

You can control the system and modify the settings according to your preferences through the control panel that will be installed on one wall. It also comes with a wireless remote for easier and more convenient access to the system.

Fire alarms

When you avail of our fire alarm system, our technicians will equip your premises with the most trusted heat and smoke detection devices. These are supplied by some of the best manufacturers around the world. 

Break glass units will also be installed at each wing and floor of the building, ensuring that you and your employees are safe from unprecedented dangers.


After availing of any of our alarm services, you can enjoy huge discounts on the maintenance of these devices. Our technicians will make frequent visits to your building to conduct checks and repairs to make sure that the equipment and devices are in their best condition and that they adhere to the most recent quality and industry standards.

Access control systems

If you want to control the entry of people into a room or building, our access control systems will provide you with what you need. This includes proximity readers, card swipes and an intercom system. 

Solar panel services

Want to upgrade your place with solar panels? Just give us a call at Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi and we will handle everything for you. 

We have solar panels that come in different models and sizes to accommodate your electricity needs. Whether you want your system installed on your roof, on the ground or any other place, our technicians will make sure that the sunlight is not blocked by any object.

You can choose your preferred panel models and our technicians will install the panel mount system immediately. Our solar panel systems come with a solar inverter to keep your equipment running even though the sun is not visible during the day.

After installation, you can enjoy a few days of testing the efficiency of the system. If you wish to make some improvements and other changes, you can simply call us and our technicians will be right at your service.

Moreover, you are also entitled to discounted maintenance of the solar panels. This system requires little maintenance and generally needs to be examined every four to 6 years. 

Phone and cable wiring services

If you’re moving into a new home or you’re upgrading your internet, telephone and cable services, Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi can help you deal with the proper installation of wirings for your appliances and devices. 

You can avail of our phone line installation services for your internet or you can try the cable lines for cable or satellite internet.

Many of our clients have also availed the services of our technicians in organising the overall wiring system of their entire house or building. Some have also booked service for creating a home theatre system or an entertainment room. 

Electrical failure

Whether you think your electrical problems are small or big, it’s always better to reach out to professionals for assistance. This is because electrical failures can cause accidents and other severe occurrences that can harm you and everyone on the premises.

To make sure that you can fix the problem as soon as possible without further worsening it, you can call for the services of our technicians at Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi. You can set a schedule for one of our skilled technicians or you can opt for our same-day services.

Some of the most common electrical problems we can solve for you are the following:

Uncovered junction box

Uncovered junction boxes in your home or street can cause unforeseen problems as they contain numerous wires that are connected. Without a cover, the wires inside can easily chafe and receive damages, exposing the wires to direct sunlight, rain and other elements.

This is even worse if the uncovered junction box is within the reach of people, especially children. If you encountered exposed wires and junction boxes around your area, it’s best to give us a call and we will immediately provide the necessary cover for the box. 

Flickering light

Although flickering lights seem like a minor problem, these are caused by frayed wiring which can cause sparks and eventual fire if not fixed immediately. This often occurs when the wires are not attached to the wall or post properly, causing them to move along with the wind and chafing their outer protector.

Extension cords and outlet

If you often find yourself using extension cords to power your devices and appliances, it’s better to contact our electricians at Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi. We will add more outlets to rooms where you need them most.

With this, you won’t have to struggle with bringing an extension cord into the room or untangling the messy cables and wires littering the floor.

Electric shocks

One of the most common problems in many buildings and households is accidental electric shocks caused by switching on and off an appliance or device. Whether the problem is due to the wiring or the appliance, the best solution is to call for an electrician.

Our experts at Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi will determine if you’re using the appropriate current output for your appliances or if their wirings are faulty and damaged. If you’re unsure of what to do, avoid playing around with the wires and outlets. 


Electric overloads happen when there is excessive current passing through a wire. This results in the overheating of the wires which is one of the main causes of fire. 

For instance, if your light fixture is receiving higher watts than what it can handle, the light bulb and its wires may overheat and melt the socket. Even though you attempt to remove the light bulb, the damage will still be present in the wires and socket.

To fix this, our electricians at Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi will replace the wires and remove the wires and cables that have already been damaged and frayed. Your light fixture will be attached with new and durable wires to make sure that the event does not reoccur. 

Give us a call now!

Istanbul Acil Elektrikcisi provides uninterrupted service to all regions. We offer emergency electricians, on-duty electricians and night-time electrician services with mobile teams in each district. 

Since the establishment of our company in 2016, we have been positively ensuring that the problems of our people regarding electrical concerns are eliminated by guiding them and providing them with any help they need.

Through our reliable services and our team of skilled and experienced electricians, we can ensure that buildings and households can enjoy a safe and secure environment every day. For inquiries and other concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.